How It Works is the premier Native American dating site for those who are interested in meeting Native Americans and Aboriginals living all over the world. It has taken years of hard work to bring the Native community a top rated dating site and is just that... the best Native American dating site on the internet.

We have created a very friendly site that will help you find that special someone from the Native American community. In just a few minutes you can be on your way to meeting Native American Men or Women from all over the world.

Three Easy Steps in Using

Sign Up

If you are truly serious about finding that special someone, you will want to as an "Exclusive Member". This will give you full access to all features. If you`re not sure if is right for you, then first try joining as a "Limited Member". It is easy and it is FREE! Simply go to our registration page, fill in your details and once your profile has been reviewed and approved, you are on your way.

Find Your Match

After you have received your registration conformation via e-mail, proceed to the Login page. You will be directed to your Account Information and personal profile. We strongly suggest you upload photos of yourself for other members to see (this will greatly increase the effectiveness of your profile). If you need help scanning and uploading a photo, we can do that for you. Contact us with your request at and well take it from there. Now that you have logged in, feel free to Search our site and view members.

Meet Other Members

As an Exclusive Member of the community, you will have full access to search and make personal contact with other Exclusive Members and Native people all over the world. You will also have the ability to create a comprehensive profile designed to match you with your perfect mate. Becoming an Exclusive Member allows you use of our internal messaging system which protects your email address from being seen by other members. When you receive a message from another Exclusive Member, you will be notified by our system at the e-mail address you gave us. Your e-mail address is always protected until you decide to give it out. Being an Exclusive Member will get you that much closer to meeting your soul mate.