The best lessons in life come through personal experience, this includes the good, the bad and the ugly. Everyday experiences teach us, mold us, and affect who we are and who we become.

Use those lessons you’ve learned and listen to those who have experience… and trust your instincts! It’s not easy to learn to trust that inner voice that tells you to use caution or the one that tells you to throw caution to the wind. The following should be given serious consideration when attempting to find a match using any online dating service.

Be Smart

Again, wisdom in listening to what your mind is telling you can save you from serious problems. Be cautious in trusting. DO NOT give your personal information (full name, home phone, work place/phone, city or address) to anyone until you have developed a relationship where you feel comfortable in sharing personal contact information. If you really desire to talk with someone you’ve met, to hear their voice, try using a pay phone or a cell phone. Remember, we do our best to provide you with security by using chat and e-mail that goes through us so no one else knows who you are.

Be Safe

Being smart and being safe go hand in hand. is designed to eliminate those who might not be serious about a lasting relationship. This is why we charge for our services. If someone is not willing to pay a very small fee to help us maintain an environment conducive to bringing Native Americans together in search of a serious relationship, then they should not be on, and hopefully they won’t.

Be Yourself

This is the best advice we can give. BE YOURSELF. Do not let anyone try and change who you are as a person. Too often people feel they should try and be someone who others will find attractive. This can work… but eventually they either see you’re not who they thought you were or you find you don’t like who you’ve become while trying to be someone you’re not.

Be Honest

Being honest extends beyond what you do or say to others. Be honest with yourself as well. When you fill out your “Profile” on, be honest, be open and be yourself. In doing so, others who are looking for someone just like you will find you, and after all, isn’t that what you want? There is no better feeling than being in a relationship with someone who loves you, for who you are, someone who loves you most when you’re being yourself. In order to find that someone… be honest NOW… from the start.