About E-Snag.com

E-Snag.com is an affiliate of the Pow Wow Cruise. The idea for E-Snag.com came about when people just like you suggested we do a “Native Singles Cruise”. Our first reaction was “great idea” since we have so much fun on the Pow Wow Cruise. A concern for having a fairly equal balance between men and women caused hesitation. Then the idea came to us to create that balance before we do a Native Singles Cruise... that idea for a Native dating service evolved into E-Snag.com!

On a personal note, my wife and I met through an online dating service. Some may question the effectiveness of online dating, but not us… we know how well it can work if taken seriously and you join an online service that is also serious about your success.

This is how E-Snag.com was born. We spent over 12 months developing E-Snag.com and the efforts continue as the site evolves according to the needs our the Native community. Creating E-Snag.com has taken a serious effort on our part to help you find the love of your life, we feel it is well worth the time and expense as it worked so well for many of our members!

Many Native and Aboriginal people had input into how E-Snag.com should work, the “Profile” questions to be asked, and there relevance to showing others just who you are, what you as Native people want and like. We thank those who contributed to E-Snag.com and have helped us become the number one online Native dating service.

Some say “opposites attract” and to some extent that may be true, but it is not easy to make a relationship work when you have nothing in common with the other person. E-Snag.com is designed to help match you with someone who is more like you than opposite of you.

If you will take this seriously, answer all the questions as honestly as you can, you will find that E-Snag.com can and will help find someone who shares your likes and dislikes… this is the beginning of a lasting relationship.

Please note that we hold E-Snag.com and our members to a high standard, every word and image that can be viewed by the general public must first be reviewed and approved by E-Snag.com. With that said you should know we hold ourselves to a higher standard and we highly respect our member’s privacy.

For more information about the Pow Wow Cruise go to: http://www.powwowcruise.com